Chess Set Metal Pieces
Chess Set Metal Pieces
Chess Set Metal Pieces
Chess Set Metal Pieces

Chess Set Metal Pieces

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Classic International Chess Set, Folding PU Leather/Wood Board and Metal Pieces Kit, Standard Board Game for Kids and Adults

1. The traditional chess piece shows the generous wood material. After being processed, it is polished to make it smoother, more glossy, and more noble.
2. International Chess can improve the habit of exercising independent thinking, and improve the planning, thoroughness, logic and flexibility of thinking. 
3. The well-made products, adequate weight chess pieces, wooden/PU leather chessboard, good protective packaging, absolutely make you feel worth the money.
4. Smooth and round without burrs, chamfered and rounded, not hurting the baby's hands.
5. Perfect gift for both adults and children.

Piece Material: Zinc Alloy
Board Material: Rosewood + Birch Patch
Product Size: 300 X 300 X 30mm/11.81 X 11.81 X 1.18"
Product Weight: 1400g
Chess Pieces Color: Gold+Silver
King Height: 67mm/2.64"
Queen Height: 57mm/2.24"
Elephant Height: 52mm/2.05"
Horse Height: 48mm/1.89"
Vehicle Height: 40mm/1.57"
Soldier Height: 37mm/1.46"
Piece Bottom Diameter 
King: 28mm/1.1"
Rear: 26mm/1.02"
Elephant: 25mm/0.98"
Horse: 25mm/0.98"
Vehicle: 25mm/0.98"
Soldier: 20mm/0.79"
Style: (1)Wood Board (2)PU Leather Board

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Jaden Senger

Chess Set Metal Pieces

Erin Kerluke

Chess Set Metal Pieces

Haylie Volkman

As peças estão em perfeito estado contudo.

Shane Raynor

Chess Set Metal Pieces

Oran Morissette

Excellent product of very good quality. Good wooden board, firm and very well finished. Very well-achieved and heavy metal parts for a better game experience. He arrived at the Chile Post Office before time. I just imagined it a little bigger, but generally very compliant with the product. Very good product. Thank you. I just thought it was a little bigger. Salesman went fast, thanks.